It’s a question that is asked often.

“What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?”

That’s what Quinnipiac, a trusted polling agency, asked Americans in a survey. And the answers given paint a sad picture of the level of confidence Americans have in the president. The most popular answer: “idiot.”

Of course, anyone who looks directly at the sun during an eclipse is an idiot, right?

And at the G20 Summit, Trump went out of his way to prove Americans right. When Ivanka wasn’t sitting in for him, he was busy saying “America First” at every trade negotiation. It got to the point where the Italian Prime

Minister had to question why Trump was trying to damage the growing world economy, and other European countries threatened to retaliate if Trump raised tariffs on steel—essentially, Trump’s nonsensical blustering may cause a trade war between America and the 19 other nations in the Group of 20.

But it’s not just at the G20 summit that he’s proving that he’s ignorant (the 9th most frequent response) and stupid (the 12th). Trump doesn’t understand or even know what’s in the Senate health care bill which has his name on it. He doesn’t read his intelligence briefings unless they mention him every few sentences and have pictures. And he only watches Fox News.

It’s been seven months with Trump in office, and Americans already think he’s an idiot. Even worse, every time he speaks with a foreign leader, the rest of world loses even more respect for America.