The Republicans and the Trump Administration are desperately trying to put all the blame for the government shutdown on the Democrats, and telling the same lie over and over again: The Democrats want to hurt military families. And Mike Pence just joined the chorus, spewing the same nonsense to soldiers in the Middle East.

Pence is currently with troops in stationed in Jordan, right on the border of Syria. Pence proceeded to lie directly to men and women who are in a potential war zone.

“I’m sure you’re all aware of what’s going on in Washington D.C.,” Pence said, referring to the shutdown. “Despite bipartisan support for a budget resolution, a minority in the Senate has decided to play politics with military pay.”

“But you deserve better,” Pence continued. “You and your families shouldn’t have to worry for one minute about whether you’re going to get paid, as you serve in the uniform in the United States. So know this, your president, your vice president, and the American people are not going to put up with it.”

Of course, it was actually Trump and the Republicans—specifically Mitch McConnell—who failed to protect military pay. During Friday night’s debates on the Senate floor, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) introduced a resolution that would ensure that servicemembers would be paid through the shutdown, modeled after a bill Obama signed in 2013. McConnell objected it immediately, and when the shutdown happened, used the military as a political pawn to claim that the Democrats were more concerned with illegal immigration (they’re actually concerned about DACA) than the military.

The Democrats were more concerned with the military than the Republicans—they need to start calling out their colleagues on the other side.