One of Donald Trump’s most significant promises was that he was going to protect American jobs—and right after his election, he claimed to have made a massive deal with Carrier to prevent them sending workers to Mexico. And his voters rejoiced—already he was keeping his promises, and he wasn’t even in office yet. Voters like Renee Elliott felt that someone was finally looking out for them, and their jobs were safe.

And then Carrier started laying off employees, Elliott included. Now, at 44 years old, she will be getting in the unemployment line with 214 other Carrier workers disappointed in Trump.

“We all voted for him,” she said of herself and her Carrier co-workers. “We just thought he was going to protect our jobs. It sounded really good. And then, boom.”

Elliott only has a high school diploma and a hairdresser license. Her plan, though, was to continue nursing school. “My five-year plan was to finish out nursing school and work on the line and take classes at night,” she said.

At Carrier, she was making $18 and hour at Carrier, but with two kids, couldn’t save much money. While she was working at Carrier, she also took care of her 73-year-old mother, who now lives with her brother.

“Being a paycheck away from being homeless is terrifying,” she said.

Though Trump never saved all of the Carrier jobs, originally claiming “Actually the number’s over 1,100 people, which is so great, which is so great,” even though it was slightly less than 1000 in the deal. Still, “people went home that evening and told their families, ‘Everything is going to be all right. President Trump saved our jobs,’” Chuck Jones, the Local 1999 steelworker president said.

Sadly, under Trump, it will only get worse for blue collar workers.

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